Ensure the best drill and blast practices by streamlining your processes through an in-depth audit backed by hard data.

Diptek’s Services

Diptek partners with mining professionals and offers services that include:

  • QAQC audits using the Diptek system.
  • Blasting audits, Vibration monitoring, Velocity of Detonation testing.
  • Technical Engineering services:
    • Mining Engineering (general and specialist).
    • Technical services management.
    • Drill and blast engineering.
    • Production engineering.
    • Short, medium and long term planning & scheduling.
  • Mechanical Engineering services:
    • Dewatering programs and hydro-planning.
    • Wet materials handling.
  • Statutory management positions – QM, RM and SSE [from mid-2023]

Work Smarter with Diptek

It is hard to find good help and it’s time-consuming to develop it internally. When it comes to sourcing technical professionals, working smarter means knowing when to drop the right experience into your team.

Diptek’s personnel focus on being ‘plug and play’ mining professionals that deliver in the here and now, while maintaining a positive attitude to helping you train and develop your own internal capabilities.

Value Adding

Diptek help streamline your operation. If they don’t feel they are adding value, they will be the first to tell you… probably with a graph.

Drill and blast operations for a more sustainable future.

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